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15 Nov

Keep Calm and Turn It Off and On Again
I’m excited to announce that I’m back. And yes, I realize that I am also announcing this strictly for my own benefit, since, at this point, nobody reads my blog (of course, if someone is out there listening to my RSS feed, please let me know!)

But it doesn’t matter, we all have to start from somewhere, or even ‘restart’ from somewhere.

I originally created this blog as an outlet, but quickly found myself with no time to let it out. 4 kids and a busy corporate job ate into both my free time and my creative energy.

But times have a way of changing. I still have 4 kids of course, but I have said goodbye to corporate life and find myself with a little more time on my hands lately.

And, it is November, which means National Novel Writing Month!

I’ve been thinking about joining the November fray for years, slugging it out night after night to write my first novel… but life has always found a way to distract me.

Well, this year, I have no excuses (not any good ones that I haven’t tried to use previously anyway) and I’m working on my first novel.

Someday often translates to never (as I point out here) and I hate living with regrets, so instead of continuing to say “Someday I’ll write a book” or “Next year I’ll devote the time to NaNoWriMo,” I’ve decided to jump in the pool.

It’s been an interesting ride so far, and I can’t wait to hash out some ideas here.

That’s it for tonight, I need to hit a daily word quota still :) but I’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

In fact, I believe I’ll be writing everyday that I have left to me. I’d love to be published one day, but I’ll write because I love to write, to create stories.

talk soon -


the prefect writer ;)


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