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Revision for week ending on July 20, 2013

20 Jul


The days most interesting news for writers.


1. Focus, GTD and the creative process

I have a problem with focus, so I love reading about people who really know how to, um, ah, hey look, a squirrel!

Rick Rubin on crashing the new Kanye album in 15 days:

“I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things being good is thinking that we know. And the more that we can remove any baggage we’re carrying with us, and just be in the moment, use our ears, and pay attention to what’s happening, and just listen to the inner voice that directs us, the better.”


2. The line between reality and fiction

“I wish I’d written that…”

Snowden through the eyes of a spy novelist

Of course, other writers WILL write it. Watch for this storyline to become a future spy novel trope!


3. On Life & the time we have to be creative

How much time to we have left? What will you do with your time? And… um… what are they going to do with all those jellybeans now?

4.Train your brain

“All that mystical Woo-Woo stuff is so retrograde. This is about training your brain.

For years I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that meditation can help with all facets of life – and writing… Of course, the last time I got myself into a half-lotus position, I had to call 911 to rescue me.


5. The Death of language = Return to the caveman era.

Or: ‘Let’s all just talk via photos.

On the upside, it’s sort of like a layman’s telekinesis for all you sci-fi buffs out there. Language barriers fall in the face of photo communication, only, instead of being in your head, it’ll be in your hands (smartphone).

On another note, I wonder what sort of image a neanderthal would have texted…


6. On Life

Not one I that typically fits into the news I share, but this carries such a fundamental message on life that I think everyone should reread it periodically just to keep perspective on life.

1/2 way down is an image of a piece of paper with notes the captured man wrote while held by the Taliban. It is unfortunate that it takes a near death experience for most of us to focus on the things that are really important. I cropped the image for regular rotation on my desktop wallpaper.


7. MMMM…. Coffee.

Sweet nectar of the gods. And, the single biggest factor that allows me to make this list every morning.

But, do you know how it works it’s magic on you?

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