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Why do you want to be a writer?

13 Jul

If you read my Top 10 Tips for New Writers post last week, you will likely remember one of the most important things a new writer can do is to write every day. But life is busy and sometimes it takes almost as much time to think of something to write down as it does to eventually write that something down.

Well, Prefect Writing has come to the rescue with a new column designed to get your grey matter charged, your juices bubbling and your pen flying!

Posts in this column will ask a series of questions surrounding a specific topic, designed to get you thinking. Your job will be to go away and write something down – maybe it will just be a bullet list of answers; perhaps a blog post of your own; maybe it will only be a few notes in your writing journal. It doesn’t matter what form your answers take – just WRITE!

So, to launch this new column I thought I’d start with the basics. Todays topic is: Why do you want to be a writer!

  • Why do you want to write?
  • Is writing just an escape for you?
  • Do you want to help others?
  • Do you need someone else to validate your time?
  • Are you writing to inspire?
  • Or do you write because you have been inspired?
  • Would you like to inspire others?
  • Do you write to feel something different?
  • Or do you write so others can experience something different?
  • Are you writing for the challenge?
  • What other authors do you admire?
  • Are you in it for the art form?
  • Do you write because you have stories bubbling from within?
  • Or do you write to find a story?
  • Is writing a necessity?
  • Or do you struggle to find time to put pen to paper?
  • Do you write just so you can play God for a time?
  • What time of day is your writing the most productive?
  • Do you even know why you want to write?
  • Do you want to try and tell a story?
  • Or do you need to tell the world about a character?
  • Or has a plot twist idea been burning to come out?
  • Are you planning on trying to make money off of this?
  • Do you start with a plan?
  • Do you brainstorm?
  • Or are you a ‘free writer’ first?
  • Where do you do your best writing?
  • What are your writing goals?
  • Do you have any writing goals?
  • Do you read enough?
  • Do you have a support group or at least someone to critique your work?
  • How will you deal with your friends/family members who are not supportive?
  • Are you prepared to listen to your friends/ families views on your writing?
  • Do you carry writing material with you everywhere now?
  • Do you know how to keep yourself inspired?
  • Do you think better at a keyboard or with a pen in your hand?
  • What are the biggest struggles you have faced so far on your writing journey?

I could keep going, but now it’s your turn.  Start by leaving a comment below.

Happy writing!  :)