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Free Writing – Outside My Window

16 Jul

Through the window he could see the wind howl. He watched the small trees and bushes bend in place and the larger ones shake and quiver as if afraid of the coming storm.

The swinging bench, a recent department store sale item, swung with regularity, the perfect image of why he had wanted it in the first place. It looked cold, that wind; although he knew it was a false thought, influenced by his air conditioner supplied surroundings on this side of the glass.

Outside his windows, despite, or perhaps in spite of the wind, it was one of the hottest, stickiest days of the summer. The wind was simply the harbinger of a coming storm, whispering of cooler things to come.

The lawn was scattered with kids toys; water guns and buckets, toy trucks and bubble sticks, and looked, he fancied, just like one of those empty ships found floating out of the Bermuda triangle – with dinners half eaten sitting on the mess table, with no crew in sight.

The kiddie pool water rippled in the wind, the water had been too cold right out of the tap and the only real takers were a handful of grass blades floating across the surface and a lone earwig, who may have been there first and was still wondering what it had done to bring down the wroth of a higher being as it thrashed around still – trying to find dry, solid ground.

He sat there, in a brief moment of peace at the kitchen table, listening to raspy murmurs in the baby monitor, staring out at the sunny blue, cloudless sky and listened as the wind found its voice.


Free Writing

16 Jul

Do you practice free writing? Also known as stream of consciousness writing, this method is often used by English professors to ‘loosen up’ her students at the beginning of a class.

But it is also useful for the aspiring writer, or anyone who has run into writers block. Free writing helps release the tension and apprehension of facing a blank page. To free write, simply pick a topic and set a timer for 10-20 minutes. The only real rules are, write, don’t worry about what you’re writing (it’s not meant to be reused), punctuation or mistakes, and don’t stop writing until the buzzer goes. That’s about it.

More often than not, especially when you first begin free writing, the end result of your 10 minute of subconscious vomiting will largely be an incoherent mess. On the other hand, sometimes you will be surprise by the lucid thoughts and feelings that fall out your head.

Free writing can help you write without worrying about the quality – a problem that plagues many new writers. When you are starting out, the most important thing to do is to simply write… at every opportunity. You can’t expect everything to be good, you shouldn’t even hope for it; instead concentrate on improvement – Improvement through practice!

For more information on Free Writing, checkout the Free Writing article on Wikipedia. To read some free writing, click over to my free writing column.

So let’s write!