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The Book I Never Finished

04 Dec

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Let’s talk a little about reading today.

In case it isn’t completely self-evident with the fact that I want to be a writer, I love to read.

I finish a book every 3 or 4 days, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer  – although, this usually occurs when I am trying to read several books simultaneously and it probably averages out the same.  Like many avid readers, or book lovers or whatever you like to call yourselves, I tend to have books piled up in strategic locations around my house (although fewer, and harder to reach locations since fathering a brood) and take almost as much pleasure from the simple act of gazing over the bindings of potential reads as I do from reading the books themselves. Each pile of books is peppered with variety, providing a selection of material for the right mood, available time, moon phase, etc.

What I Read

Ready for a ‘peak behind the curtain’ moment?

Okay, here goes: I like to read a wide variety of subjects and genres, but fiction before non-fiction. My non-fiction reading is pretty much centered around news & current events, books on writing or language, and historic tomes (I have degrees in History/Anthropology) and while I like the idea of reading Biographies, and have a shortlist of selections I would like to read, I haven’t ever found the time to dig into the genre.

I fell in love with Shakespeare and Voltaire and Joseph Conrad while in high school (I will never forget the moment of shock my grade 12 English teacher experienced when he discovered I had already read Heart of Darkness) and have slowly worked my way through the traditional canon of English lit ever since, and enjoyed most of what I read.


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