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Ode To Technorati

05 Dec


Update (12/6/2012) – Technorati turned me down. Apparently they do not believe my blog is a blog. Strange. I checked out their ‘Claim’ FAQ and according to the rules they have outlined I should be well within the green… but no such luck.

I poked around and this seems to be a common issue. Interestingly, I have added a dozen blogs to technorati over the years, and this is the first time this has happened to me, so I didn’t realize they were so choosy. I was going to write a post on the ridiculous of Technorati, but This Hack did such a good job, I’ll just ask you to go read his post!


Technorati Confirmation: QKVNGXQS34ED

Please disregard this post everyone!

In order to claim my feed in Technorati, a blog search engine, I am required to post a code in a new blog post.

Sorry if you took the time to open this!

If you did get this far, I’ll try to prevent it from being a complete waste of time by mentioning that I will use this post to launch a new category here at Prefect Writing, where I will discuss the blog as an online platform for authors and writers of fiction.

more coming soon!

cheers, Michael P.W.

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