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To start – No, I did not buy my domain after a night of binge drinking and misspell ‘Perfect’ – it’s SUPPOSED to be ‘Prefect’, so 10 points to you if you are a geek and know why. I’ll even give you a hint – It has more to do with an encyclopaedia than a dictionary and almost everything to do with a car, a fish, and a fictional writer.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s the rest of the story…

My name is Michael Valiant and I have always been a writer at heart.

Yet, I never pursued writing as a career – my wife would say I’m easily distracted, but I always thought of writing as a ‘some day’ vocation. But years pass like revolving doors.

After becoming a husband, establishing a ‘real’ career, and starting down the path of raising 4 children, I eventually came to internalize that ‘some day’ will always be, well, not today – and likely not tomorrow or the next day either.

The only way to get somewhere in life is to know where you want to go and take regular action to get there. A stone thrown into the river will always hit the bottom, but thinking of throwing a stone into a river won’t shift it from the bank.

While I may not be an established writer in the traditional sense, I’m far from a neophyte in the language arts. I grew up writing fantasy yarns, (too shy to contemplate sending them anywhere to be actually published of course) and creating whole new worlds from one month to the next.

In fact, I’ve always been writing in one form or an other. As I grew up, fiction writing took a back seat to ‘real life writing’ and I found my way into careers requiring writing in various forms – technical documents, marketing material, articles, blog posts etc..

But there is a wide gulf between being a ‘good writer’ with a good grasp of language and grammar, and being able to write a good story with believable characters and a driving, well-paced plot – and that is where this blog comes in.

My hope and goals for this blog are simple, to revisit some lifelong goals, create a place where I can better hone my storytelling skills, research, explore, investigate and otherwise experiment with the individual and finite aspects of writing. All while learning the more technical side of this craft. Simple right?

And if I can help any other aspiring writers along my path by making this journey public, all the better! In fact, I’d like very much to find and talk with other people who are on this path, committed to a career in writing, and navigating their own way down the path of this walkabout.

Welcome, and please, join my conversation!

- Michael Valiant

Michael Valiant

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  3. Michael

    October 7, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Thanks for visiting Melissa, and thank you for the comment!

    Procrastination is the biggest killer of any dream… and we’re all guilty of it – at least, I tell myself that to feel better while I’m procrastinating myself!

    Case in point – I haven’t blogged here in awhile – boo! I hope you find more of interest to read here soon :) I’m especially interested in talking to other aspiring writers and learning how they strive to achieve their writing goals!

  4. Melissa O'Brien

    September 20, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Love your website!! i too am an aspiring writer (well at least i try to be) but i am a procrastinator. but i guess there is no time like the present to sit and write something. i have enjoyed your website and will be signing up for updates and news. hopefully we can keep in touch!!!
    all the best